Friday, March 29, 2013


Yo let me introduce yall to the Canadian Killa aka Maple Jordan aka Yung T.Dot aka Andrew Wiggins yall. 

Boy is fresh off winning the Gatorade (is it in u) Player of the Year and been named tha #1 recruit by everybody n they mama juheard. 

Personally I been hearing about him since he began puberty at 13 years old. I was like yo this kid lanky as fuck n he jumps very high tho.

Wasn't really til recently that people began to notice him down in the states but the kid been tearing it up in ol Canada for a minute. 

First caught my eye when he had the epic battle against another Canadian prospect and current Gonzaga guard Kevin Pangos it was mad dope (check it out hea). 

Wiggins now attends Huntington Prep in tha states finishing out his high school career and exposin his skills to tha world. He done grown into his body (6'7'', 190lb, 6'11'' wingspan, 3hunna swag pts) and been booming on everyone makin tha game look easy. 

Check out tha HoopMixtape boi:

But forreal tho this kid is probably the best prospect since Bron Bron not even frontin. Young boy got the freaky hops reminiscent of VC and angry at da rim demeanor like a Westbrook where he just dunks everything in sight like "FUCK U MEAN CUZ?"

This kid jump so high he take naps in the air before he slammajama feel me. Puttin yung cozy boyz on the map (shoutouts 2 Yamborghini).

Wen u watch him he got a great feel for the game and gets wherever he wants. Great footwork wen driving to the hoop as u can see. 

Deez recent mixtapes don't show him shooting much cuz he don't need to. Its jus too easy against tha current peasant competition to drive and dunkaroo. In actuality his jumpshot is already pretty wet and got good mechanics n form. That'll only improve over the years feel me.

But he got some flaws to his game: his handle is only okay. It aint bad but he aint yoyo-ing that rock like CP3 tho.

All in all Wiggins got a hella brite future i suggest he wear sunglasses to block from all tha shine. Word on the skreets that Canada boys started playin hoops after they got the Raptors n now we seein tha new breed of basketball players with Wiggins leadin the pack.

He is the chosen one trust me jo. Aint no coincidence that his name Andrew Wiggins = Andrew "Ender" Wiggin from tha book Ender's Game. Spoiler alert: Ender is tha child prodigy that saves the world from aliens jo.

But yeah mang let us hope the kid fulfills his potential n takes over tha crown. KD u better watch out cuh.

He aint declared to a university yet but it looks like its comin down to 3 or 4 schools (FSU, UNC, UK, IONO).

I don't think he'll pick UK they already got a mob squad of All  Americans n plus returning players from this year's NIT team feel me.

UNC is a maybe cuz of legacy and rivaling Parker tha Dukie.

But ya boy really feel like he gon pick FSU for 5 main reasons check it out tho:

1. He gon be tha star

2. His pops went there

3. His bes friend committed there

4. Gets to play against Jabari Parker in tha ACC

5. FSU got DIMES b

I rest my case son. You already know Mr. Wiggins enjoyed hisself on tha recruiting trip (think He Got Game). But yeah mang wherever he goes best b'lee I'll be watching fasho.